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Primary Rules

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    A strategy/rp game set in Jericho Reach, with battles fought on Each player controls a race in the 40k universe, and each has certain objectives to win.

    For Background on the area (suggested read)

    Tyranids have special rules associated with them, some which overrule standard ones, see here:


    Turn Order
    1.weakest players go first

    Ability Purchases
    *See abilities

    Moving an army into another subsector takes 1 turn. You can move through multiple subsectors if you control them all in 1 turn but at a risk. You will have to roll the 100 dice, each extra warp adding 5 risk starting from 0. Example: Warp 5 spaces, need to roll a 21 or higher. If your fleet is lost in a warp storm it will be at half strength the entire round and all purchases added to it will be gone.

    Note: Tau can only move 1 subsector at a time.

    Only 1 army is allowed to take an action each turn. This will trigger a conflict. Anyone who owns planets in the subsector will be drawn in and a battle must occur in atwar.

    Collect Points

    1. Collecting points from planets

    10 points per planet held.

    Extra points per planet if you hold an entire subsector. (rules don't apply to eldar and tyranids)

    Strategic Value
    Absolute +25 (Cellebos, Velk'han Sept)
    Immense +20 (Aegle, Vanir, Outer Reach, Refuge, Asterus Run)
    Moderate+15 (Greyhell, Orpheus, Hadex, Canis, Acheros, Iron Collar, Omega, Slinnar Drift,  Black Reef)
    Low +10 (Pietos, Hethgard)

    2. Collecting points from glory

    Every time you conquer 4 planets, roll 100 die, and multiply by 2 for points


    IF Attacker

    Your fleet emerges from warp and begins its assault. Your fleet provides a base income of 1000 (tentative).


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