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Tyranid Rules

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1 Tyranid Rules on Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:39 pm


The Tyranids are a very special faction, as well... Everyone here should know it behaves nowhere like any other faction.

- The Tyranids cannot occupy sectors, should they devour an entire sector, that sector just becomes lifeless and no battle may take place there

- The Tyranids do not gain any bonuses from planet types, they are exempt from this, besides the Devoured World type which is unique to them and for all worlds they devour, they also do not get points for holding planets or sectors, but gain 2 biomass points for each planet they devour

- The Tyranids can use two armies to attack/move each turn

- The Tyranids must occasionally eat with all the armies, failing to at least devour a single planet for 3 turns in a row will result in the destruction of the army(except for Hive Fleet Dagon itself)

- The Tyranids can stay in a sector for several turns without fighting, nor can they be fought, Tyranids can however choose to participate in a battle between other factions where they have an army

- During a battle for a sector, should all regions of a planet fall to the Tyranids, no faction may attack the planet as it will be considered dead

- Tyranids can retreat during a battle even after just devouring a single planet and will still be awarded biomass points and it will reset the army's need to devour

- Tyranids are limited to one move per army each turn

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